Mind vs Target: Six steps to winning in the clay target mind field - Bob Palmer

Mind vs Target: Six steps to winning in the clay target mind field

By Bob Palmer

  • Release Date: 2013-01-04
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors
  • Size: 784.05 KB

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The highly acclaimed SportExcel system is a revolutionary way to win, and it is changing the way clay-target shooters approach their game in North America and around the globe. With Bob Palmer’s easy-to-read and easy-to-understand, step-by-step system, you learn to see the target as huge, to eliminate distractions and to stay totally focused.

Mind vs Target is not psychology. This book is your mental handbook on winning—it’s a tested and proven system and it is your prescription for taking your game to the next level. This book is filled with tools and tips as well as short cuts to learning—And it’s backed by winning clay-target shooters, professionals and Olympians. And it’s backed by science.

Mind vs Target builds a strong mental game:

* By giving you consistency, where you stop thinking and get rid of all distracting self-talk and affirmations
* By putting you in control by stopping people from distracting you
* By putting the brakes on embarrassing death spirals, so one dropped target means nothing
* By making your eyes dynamic where you see targets slow and bright and as big as garbage pail lids
* And by shooting with purpose and learning to forget all past mistakes

This book teaches you the Zone, how to stay in it and how to use it for fun, success and winning.

“Great shooters don’t think – they just shoot in the Zone.” No matter if you’re a world-class shooter, a weekend enthusiast, a beginner, a coach or a parent, this book is your handbook to using your very powerful Zone to learn how to win.